The Process

Qualifying for SSDI in Mississippi

Are you or a loved one wondering if you qualify for Social Security Disability in Mississippi? A sure way to check on qualifying for SSDI in Mississippi is to contact a Mississippi disability lawyer in your area. Call Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC today! Our experienced attorneys will guide you through the entire Social Security Disability process, starting with helping you determine if you qualify. This requires reviewing your medical or mental health condition/impairment to see if it is on the list of disabilities which qualify for SSDI benefits. Next, your Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC expert will review your ability to work. In order to qualify for social security disability benefits, it must be proven that you are not longer able to perform the work which you did previous to your injury or disability. We will also assist you in proving that you are no longer able to do any duties which enable you to hold a job position. This means you are excluded from SGA or substantial gainful activity and have a condition which has lasted or will last 12 months or more.

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits in MS

The MS social security disability application process is a long and arduous one which can be confusing. Contact Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC today to assist you in this process! We have a team of experienced and dedicated disability attorneys in Mississippi who are here specifically to guide you through the disability benefits process. We will meet with you to fill out your application in order to submit your disability claim to the Social Security Administration (or SSA) in your local MS area. In this stage, you will have to provide the SSA with the documentation to prove that you do qualify for SSDI. The application itself can be confusing and if even one required element is missing, it will most likely result in a denied claim. This is where experience and knowing all the ins and outs of the application process is incredibly useful and where having a local Mississippi disability attorney really pays off. Your Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC lawyer can help ensure the paperwork is all filled out correctly and that all supporting documentation is included. Many claims are denied in this initial phase, so having an expert attorney increases your chances of receiving an approval at this phase.

Evaluating a SSDI Application in Mississippi

Your application will next be processed and reviewed by the Disability Determination Service (or DDS) Mississippi offices based on the information provided in your application. The SSA will use the “Blue Book” of conditions to determine if you should receive benefits. This is based on the level of your impairment and the inability to earn enough to live. They will also review your past work history and the medical documentation you provided with your application, proving that you qualify. The last element they will examine is if you are currently or may be able to work in the future.

Communicating Approval or Denial of Your SSDI Benefits Claim

The Social Security Administration will reach a decision about your benefits claim and return the results to you via a letter. The letter will either grant your social security benefits claim and disclose the amount you can expect to receive each month or it will deny your SSDI claim. If your SSDI claim is denied, there is usually an explanation provided as to why it was denied, which you can utilize in your appeal. If your initial claim is not successful, do not give up hope! There are many different levels of this process and we here at Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC will guide you through any necessary steps to appealing a SSDI denial.