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MS Disability Lawyers Helping You

Are you wondering how having a Mississippi disability lawyer such as one from Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC can help you get your social security benefits claim approved? While having a disability attorney is not a requirement, it greatly increases your chances of getting your SSDI claim approved at a sooner level throughout the process.

Currently  in the state of Mississippi, there are around 160,000 Social Security Disability beneficiaries.  On average, these beneficiaries receive a Social Security Disability payment of around $900 a month.  These payments add up to a general sum total of the disability payments of around $155,000,000. What this means for you is that the benefits claims process is very competitive and the SSA will use a variety of ways to deny claims. Having one of our expert disability attorneys from Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC represent you in this process ensures that all paperwork will be completed correctly, all your documentation will be included, and the complex process will be navigated by an experienced attorney for you.

Appealing a Denied Social Security Disability Benefits Claim

If your benefits claim is denied, let Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC represent you through each step of the appeals process. Mississippi’s appeal process has four steps: Reconsideration, Hearing, Appeals Council, and Federal Court. Having legal representation during the process greatly increases your chances of being approved at a sooner level, rather than going through the entire process to finally get your disability claim. These steps can be long and complicated, so expertise is greatly beneficial for you. The appeals process is as follows:

  1. Request for Reconsideration. If your initial application for disability is denied, you have 60 days from when you receive a denial to ask for a reconsideration from the SSA regarding their decision. The DDS reviews your benefits claim during this step.
  2. Hearing Level. If it should occur that your request for reconsideration is denied, you have 60 days from that denial to request a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Hearings are held at the Office of Determination and Review (ODAR) office located nearest to your field office.
  3. Appeals Council. If the ALJ denies your claim, you have 60 days from that date to appeal to the Appeals Council. This council reviews your appeal and has the power to make three different decisions. They can reverse the previous decision, return it to the ALJ to reconsider certain evidence, or deny your request for review.
  4. Federal court. If the AC won’t review your claim or denies your claim, you can appeal to the federal district court in Mississippi. There are district courts in Mississippi for the Eastern District, the Western District, and the Middle District.

Let an Expert Disability Lawyer Help You!

Utilizing an expert Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC attorney greatly increases your chances of getting approved for your benefits claim. With the statistics on denials of benefits claims by the SSA, it is clear that having those experienced with the process helps you get your claim approved. If it still is denied, getting through the complicated appeals process is difficult. Ease your mind and relieve yourself of the stress of this process by calling Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC to secure a dedicated Mississippi disability attorney to represent you today!