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  • Thousands of clients trust Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC to secure millions in benefits each year
  • Founded by Administrative Law Judge C.G. Muse Jr.
  • Advocating for the disabled since 1986
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Today we serve clients in Mississippi including Jackson, Olive Branch, Gulf Coast, Hattiesburg, Delta and the rest of the state.

Mississippi Disability Attorneys & Representatives

Social Security Disability Lawyers & Representatives: Mississippi


If you are enduring a disability and living in Mississippi, call Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC today! If you have been considering filing a social security disability insurance claim but feel overwhelmed by the application process, let us shoulder the burden for you.

We have a team of experienced and accredited representatives here to serve your SSDI needs. Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC will guide you through the entire disability claim process in Mississippi and assist you at each and every step.

  • First, we will help determine if you qualify for social security disability by going over your specific ailment or disability and matching it to the social security administration’s “blue book” of qualifying conditions.  Find out up front if you actually qualify & how to qualify.
  • Then we will ensure that, due to your disability, you are not able to earn an SGA, or substantial gainful activity wage. Your dedicated and professional Mississippi Disability representative will ensure you have all necessary documentation in order to place your claim.
  • Next, we will work through the complicated and complex Mississippi SSDI application process, thereby greatly increasing your chances of getting your disability claim approved.
  • If for some reason your claim is denied, your personal Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC disability lawyer will take you through the appeals process in order to secure your claim. We will do our due diligence to ensure that your case is handled appropriately and with care at every level of processing by the Social Security Administration.

Helping those in need of disability benefits

If you are suffering from a mental or physical disability, you deserve to win your social security disability claim! Here in the the state of Mississippi, we have witnessed many individuals miss out on the funding they need simply because of errors in the disability application, or due to missing documentation. Having an expert attorney who has handled many successful Mississippi disability cases greatly increases your chances of getting your claim approved. Starting with just one phone call we can help you launch the strongest possible case for your disability needs. We want you to rest easy, knowing that your everyday living needs will be provided for through your earned social security disability claim.

There are about 160,000 social security disability beneficiaries in the state of Mississippi and each recipient receives an average social security disability payment of $970 per month.  This results in a disability payment sum total of about $155,000,000 (based on SSA data). The impact this has on you, as an applicant, is that the SSA very easily denies claims for small errors in the process. Avoid adding yourself to this group by seeking out an expert Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC lawyer.

Serving Jackson, Hattiesburg,  Southaven & the Gulf Coast

We here at Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC can serve you in the Mississippi area! In Mississippi, a considerable percent of the population gets disability services from the Social Security Administration. About 25% of Mississippi’s applications are denied at the first stage and the applicant must then go on to the appeal’s stage which can take up to two years. Let Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC guide you through this process so that you and your loved ones do not have to wade through this difficult and confusing process alone and to increase your chances of receiving your benefits claim in a timely manner.

Our friendly, experienced and professionally trained Mississippi Disability Representatives, LLC advocates are standing by waiting to receive your phone call at (601) 352-1346 . We hope that you will allow us the chance to provide you or your loved one with our top-level support and assistance. Call us today!